Use of high power equipment

Dear Hotel Sandra Youth Hostel residents!

Recently, several of our residents have asked that they would like to bring in and use a machine and device with high electrical consumption .
Unfortunately, we did not calculate this when designing the electrical energy of the building. The existing electrical network allows only a limited number of such equipment and the cost of the expected additional energy use must be reimbursed. E.g. freezer gross monthly 4,000 HUF/pc
In view of the above, from 01.03.2022 we will allow the import and use of such devices in the Hotel Sandra Youth Hostel in limited numbers.
It must be requested and authorised in writing before the device is imported.
The application shall include the name of the applicant, the type of machinery and the expected use of energy, as well as the consent of the roommate.
The application is required at the reception of the Hotel, which will be evaluated in an expedited procedure.
The amount of the fee for the use of such a device will be published on our website and at our reception. energy must be recorded in the application to be submitted at reception. The detailed rules for this are also contained in our uniform Policy, which can also be found on our website (www.

Youth Hostel Management