There are some important information that we would like to inform you about.

Dear residents of Hotel Sandra, dear students!

There are some important information that we would like to inform you about.

Students who have an exam or practice after the expiry of our contract, i.e. after 20.06.2022, as in previous years, can of course stay in their room without any extra fee until the end of the month.

Students who complete their exams by the end of the contract and wish to move out sooner will have the opportunity to do so from 10 June.
According to the previous practice, the return of the space/room is carried out under the control of Hotel management for checking the condition of the room

For the month of May 2022, the monthly fee will be paid, and in the month of June 2022 the amount of the cocoon already paid will be included for all residents, given that our prices will change with 01.07.2022.
The new prices can be found on our website.

Those who wish to stay in the Youth Hostel in the summer can apply for a room by 20 June 2022 for the months of July and August 2022, according to the previous practice.
The room can be requested by mail to address.

If you want to live alone in a room, the price of room is the price of roomprices for 1 persone.
If two persone want to live in a room, then the price is for 2 people per room, and the residents collectively pay the price of the room.
For example, two persone would like to request a room:
• then state-funded students are pay HUF 33,200 per person,
• the non-state-funded students are pay HUF 38,400/person/month.
• third-party residents pay a fee of HUF 43,300/person/month.

If the two of them jointly request a room for the summer period, both persons must send an email indicating the roommate, but if the roommate goes out in the meantime or changes his mind and withdraws his application, then the one left alone will have to pay the full price of the room alone.

The fee payable for the month of July 2022 must be settled between 27 June 2022 and 4 July 2022! For this period un. the designation of rooms for summer accommodation for students will be carried out by 20 June 2022, depending on the number of applicants.
All applicants will be informed of the new room in writing.


Recently, the number of electric scooters has increased sharply.
A lot of our residents are trying to get him up in the room.
In order to clean the rooms, to avoid the dirtyness of the elevators and to avoid damage, the devices that can be brought into the room are regulated by Article 28 of House Rules of Hotel Sandra Youth Hostel
“Live animals/pets or unsuitable objects, e.g. bicycles must not be brought into the youth hostel or kept there, the violation of this rule will result in the immediate termination of the lease agreement.
Bicycles can only be stored in the designated storage places, indicating the owner’s name and room number, because it is not covered by the hostel’s insurance.”

The electric scooter also belongs to the category of bicycle, so whoever takes it up to the room is seriously violating the Policy.

Everyone must to place their scooter in one of the bike storage facilities according to the Policy, or in the limited number of room 133 designated for this purpose, where they can safely secure their vehicle in the locked storage area for a gross fee of HUF 1000/month.
You can also charge the battery for this fee.

Reservations and deposits can be made at the reception of the Youth Hostel.
We continuously monitor compliance with this policy and, after a short grace period, we also sanction policy violators.
We ask everyone to follow the policy.

Please take note and please act as described above!

Nyíregyháza, 2022.05.10.

dr. Nagy Gergely
Hotel Sandra Ifjúsági Szálló
Man. director